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Prityshop.com; the best online bazaar in Bangladesh

Online bazaar in Bangladesh is now very common and popular. Currently in Bangladesh, some online shops are becoming popular. People are now trying online shopping in their busy lives. Online shopping makes our lives easier and saves our time. We also find a huge collection of different items at a place. So we can order anything that we need at a time from an online shop. Besides, sometimes you need a thing suddenly which are not available at any store near you. Then online shopping is the best way to get the necessary things. For online shopping in Bangladesh, you need a trustable online shop. Though there are many online shops in Bangladesh, you can only trust a few shops. Prityshop.com can be the best online bazaar for the people of all ages in our country.

Why Prityshop.com is the best

Prityshop.com is the best online bazaar in Bangladesh. It brings standard products for the customers. A vast variety of collections are present here. From clothing to food items all are available here. So, you will get all the necessary things at a place and can easily order them. As every product has some options to choose according to the color, size, and others, you will find out the best one for you. Some products are rare at the local market. But you will get it at this online shop. Here, fashion and trendy collection for men, women, and kids are available. Besides, all kinds of beauty products, electronic products, healthcare products are available here. It is a place of all necessaries for you. So, you will enjoy a great shopping experience from here. Let’s see why PriyoShop is the best online shop bd.

You will get many types of the product under some categories

Prityshop.com makes some categories of their product according to men, women, child others. So, when you search for a product, you can visit the categories and easily find out your product. Besides, in the categories, there are some sub-categories. The categories are Men’s clothing, Women’s clothing, Watch and Jewelry, kids zone, fashion and beauty, mobile gadget, electronics, home and living, health, sports and outdoors, more categories.

Men’s clothing

Under men’s clothing, you will find all kinds of clothes such as a T-shirt, Panjabi, pants under some sub-categories. Every clothing item has options to choose the color, size, and others. So, simply choose your desired one and then order it. It is an excellent experience.

Women’s clothing

Women’s clothing contains all types of modern and fashionable clothes for girls and women. Sharee, Salwar camis, tops, shorts, girls pants, leggings, t-shirts, all are present here. The subcategories are premium dress collection, budget dress collection, modern dress, hijab, and dupatta, etc. It is the right place for women to get the fashionable and up-to-date dresses. The women who live outside the town areas get benefited from this online shop because these dresses are not available in the urban stores.

Watch and jewelry

All types of gents and ladies watches are available here. From leather to smartwatch are present here. Besides, the modern collection of jewelry for women and also for men is amazing. For any occasion, you can buy dresses and matching jewelry from Prityshop.com. You need not visit another shop to collect them when you need.

Kids Zone

All the necessaries for kids from dresses to food are available in Prityshop.com. A good collection of toys, dresses, mother care, feeding utensils, baby food, diaper makes your shopping for the baby enjoyable. Prityshop.com is as like as a super shop. You get all necessaries at the same place.

Watch and jewelry

All types of gents and ladies watches are available here. From leather to smartwatch are present here. Besides, the modern collection of jewelry for women and also for men is amazing. For any occasion, you can buy dresses and matching jewelry from Prityshop.com. You need not visit another shop to collect them when you need.

Fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty products of home and abroad for men and women are available in this shop. It brings the products of various well-known brands in the world. You will not find them in the same place if you try to buy it from a shop near you. You will get perfume, beauty cream, oil, shampoo, body lotion, makeup kits and many other things that are needed to take care of your beauty at PriyoShop.com.


A collection of electronic gadgets such as mobile phone, headphone, IPS, monitor, charger, security system, computer, mobile, refrigerator, air cooler, air conditioner, lights, fans and so on are waiting for the order of the customers. Here, all the renowned brands in Bangladesh and outside are available.
Besides, other categories are home and livings, health, sports and outdoor are also present. All kinds of living things, kitchen utensils, cycle, sports accessories, healthcare products for men and women are collected here for the customers. It seems that a mega shopping mall is now on your mobile or laptop from where you can shop what you need from any place of Bangladesh at any time.

Easy buying process

It is a straightforward process to buy things from Prityshop.com. For this, you need to open a simple account in the website of this online shop. Visit the website and find out the sign in option. Then put your email address and a password to log in. If you do not register before, you have to click the register option. Here, you need to type your name, address, mobile number, email and some other required information. Then submit it. When you choose an item, click on this item. Look at your item and check it properly. You can select any item from the category or search according to your budget. Then choose the preferred color, size and others. Now you should click on “Order now” option.
This clicking will direct you to another page where you have to confirm the order by putting the information such as present address, mobile number, email, name, delivery zone, etc. Then you have to choose the payment option. Here choose anyone and confirm your order. Within 2, 5 working days, you will receive your product. Inside Dhaka, you get your product at the door of your home. But outside Dhaka city, you have to collect it from the courier office. We see that it is very short and easy process.

Several payment option

PriyoShop provides several payment options for the customers. So, you can choose any option that is good for you. You can make cash on delivery. That means you can pay the price after getting the product on your hand. Besides, you can pay via bKash, or use your debit or credit card or make a monthly installment Payment.

Fast delivery

The team at Prityshop.com is very dedicated to making the process faster so that customers can get their product at the right time. They send the product through the best courier services of Bangladesh. So, after making the order, the product will reach within 3-5 working days. Without holidays, you can make your order at any time of the day.

Quality products at the reasonable price

Prityshop.com online shop bd brings quality products to their customers. Most of the products in Prityshop.com are from our deshi well-known brands. Besides, Indian dress collection, electronic products of renowned brands in the world, imported beauty products are also available. The price is also reasonable. So, without any hesitation, you can order your things.

You can return your things easily

Prityshop.com has the option to return products. For this, you need to follow some rules. Suppose that, you buy a dress from Prityshop.com. But when you try it, you do not feel comfort. Now you want to send the dress back. You can do this at this online shop because they ensure you the replacement guarantee. You can give a call or send an email within three days after the delivery. You should return your product with all tags and original package. Do not wash or damage it. But if your product gets damaged, the replacement is not possible.

It ensures your privacy

Prityshop.com ensures all your privacy that you put on the website. This shop takes the privacy of the customers as an essential principle. They are committed to the customers to ensure the privacy. You should use the valid phone number when you sign up to place an order. This shop only uses the phone number to confirm the order or any related delivery updates. It does not use any personal information of the buyer. So, you can safely buy things from Prityshop.com

You can buy things without knowing anyone

PriyoShop online shopping provides you the privacy of knowing anything what you are buying. No one can look your goods. Many people like to shop at that way.

Gives discounts

Prityshop.com gives some discounts to the customers on some products. It is good news for the customers. In some occasion, the discounts are really amazing. You can enjoy the discount from 5% to 80%.

Things to consider when shopping online

Before buying any goods from online, you need to consider some matters. Most of the people prefer online shopping because they get many benefits from it. For better experience of online shopping, you should follow the tips below:

Reliable online shop

When you decide to shop online, you should find out a reputable online shop. In Bangladesh, now there are a lot of online shops. Among them fewer shops are trustable. So, you should visit the website, see the customer review and if you find that the shop is reliable, you can order things from it.

Shipping process and delivery time

It is an important thing of consideration. How much time they should take to deliver your product, what is the shipping process. Most of the well-known online shops deliver products within 3-4 days. Besides, you should see the shipping cost.

Payment Method

An excellent online shop will have the standard payment method for the customers. Scope to use credit or debit card, and other ways that are available at that country must be needed. Some online shops offer cash on delivery system.


The cost of the particular product may vary in the different shops. You need to ensure that the online shop you want to use takes the reasonable price of this product. You can compare different websites to decide the original cost of the product. Besides, you can check the available offer and advantages that can make the price different.

See the customers reviews of the website

Customer reviews are important to determine the popularity of the online shop. Customers give reviews according to their buying experiences. Besides, if you see the review of the certain product, you will get the real information of the product. You can also learn the pros and cons of this product. By this, you can understand what kind of products this

shop brings for the customers.

Online shopping is comfortable and enjoyable. But safe online shopping needs some conditions. In the era of internet, now Bangladeshi people depend on online for various purposes both rural and urban areas. Many people are trying online business. By this, online shopping is now very popular here. Prityshop.com is now one of the popular online bazar in Bangladesh where all kinds of products are available. If you have a plan to shop online, you can try this website to have a better shopping experience. Standard, trendy and fashionable products are the main collection in Prityshop.com. Though it is not an older online shop, the popularity of this shop is increasing day by day. Term and condition, shipping and delivery, payment method, all are straightforward.