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Trusted and Best Online shop bd: Prity Shop

Are you looking for 100% trusted and guaranteed online shopping in Bangladesh? If yes, you are in the right place. An online shop is much more than a web page. It is a page that is made to sell and sell alone. Its design and web architecture features are exclusively oriented to get more sales and streamline the purchase process. It is not a corporate website, where the information about your company appears, and people are expected to contact by e-mail, telephone or social networks. Let’s know more about our online shop bd Prity Shop.
In the bd online shopping, there is a wide list of products with their prices and features where it is enough to press a few buttons to register order in the database. The entrepreneur only then has to send the merchandise to the indicated postal address.

Characteristics of our online shop bd

Our store on the Internet have the following characteristics to be useful:

Products: with your photographs, features, and prices. Ideally, they should be positioned and separated by categories or sections.
Forms of payment: it is desirable that all forms of payment are offered that are possible and even give the possibility of selling in all districts to approach the local market.
Shopping cart: having a good shopping cart and colorful. It is essential to make sales occur more quickly and safely.
User registration: it is highly recommended to create user systems. However, many companies that use virtual store creation software do not use them.
Valuations and comments: we are available for 24 hours and 7 days. Each product should offer the possibility to comment, share on social networks and rate with stars from 0 to 5.
Attractive design: a good home page and attractive design are crucial for selling online. Having tools like a “slider” or slides help a lot in sales. Also an adequate disposition of the products.
Why do people buy products online from online shop bd?
As always it is very important to start by understanding the behavior of the consumer. It is to understand why some products have more output than others in online stores; it is important to begin to define. What the consumer who buys online looks for and what benefits this type of purchase represents for them.

Shopping comparison

One of the reasons that people most often mentioned as the cause of their decision to buy online. It is that they can review and compare dozens of stores and products at the same time.
Instead of having to travel from store to store or aisle to aisle. Online shoppers navigate from one web page to the next can compare the stores and products of those stores.
They look for reviews of their products. They compare price, quality and customer service. Also can do everything online. This is summed up in one word: information at hand. The more information a customer has, the easier their purchase decision will be.

A larger selection

The whole issue of the space on the dresser, the facings that are in a linear or the assortment. It can be placed on a shelf is not a problem online. Buyer’s turn to the Internet to find a wide selection.
For example, Amazon began as a bookseller but quickly expanded through many verticals to become a place. Here you can buy everything from a computer to diapers for the baby.

Best prices

Many buyers use a hybrid shopping system where they visit a physical store to determine exactly what they want and then search online for better prices. This is particularly true in categories. Such as clothing, where the buyer wants to touch, feel and taste the product.
The buyer visits a physical store, they find the exact product they want, and they go to the web to find the best price.
Reviews from other buyers
Exaggerating the importance of online social proof is difficult. Online shoppers report that reading reviews is one of the most important reasons why they shop online. In other words, if you want people to buy – you have to prove that others have bought.

Saving time

The only resource that can compete with today’s money is time. People who are shopping online are negotiating immediate gratification (get the product now) for the time savings and other benefits of online shopping. To understand this, you only have to look at the success of the Amazon Prime service offering to understand the importance that Amazon is placing on speed.

Capitalize the online buyer

We review why consumers buy online, the question to answer now is how we capitalize those consumers who are comparing your website with others and who are there to a credit card in your bank account.
Provide the information that potential buyers are looking for
This is a way that small e-commerce storefronts can compete with the biggest players. If you are looking for comparisons, specifications, prices, etc. Make sure you provide that information on your website.

Larger inventories

It can be difficult, especially if you own a very specific store, but consider expanding your inventory. Put the processes in place to offer a wider range of products to your customers. Remember that this is one of the reasons why the buyer is online instead of in a physical store. If you are a bookstore, you do not have to sell potatoes. But you have to think about having the largest possible collection of literature. It is about expanding lines and, if possible, ranges.

Improves the prices of the competition

If you have the means to offer aggressive pricing, you can capture the bargain hunters. In order not to damage your account you could improve the prices with specific special offers, times when the price may be lower, etc.

Invite comment

It offers a system of reviews and qualifications for your products and shows it prominently in the detail pages of the product. The Facebook Like button can also add a social proof layer to the product detail page.

Time is the key

Buyers who are concerned about time have no tolerance for poor user experience. Make sure your check-out process is as rational as possible. Optimize the loading speed of your website to serve the buyer hungry for the time.
Although online shoppers understand that they will not receive the product now, some will seek to minimize the delay in gratification with faster shipping speeds. It offers a range of shipping speeds including overnight delivery.

Play your strengths

Online shopping is not as social as shopping offline and does not have the immediate gratification of shopping at a traditional store. Buyers also find it difficult to buy certain products on the web. But the many strengths of online shopping have ensured that it is here to stay. The online shop bd showcases that maximize those strengths while minimizing the weaknesses will be the ones that will charge the most.
Why is it cheaper to buy in online shop bd than in physical stores?
By now we all know that online sales are changing the way you buy products. Many opportunities are being created for online shopping in Bangladesh due to the high demand from consumers. In Internet stores, they find more variety at better prices.
But, why is it cheaper to buy in an online store than in a physical store? The reasons are several:
The cost structure is much lower in an online store than in a traditional physical store. An online shop bd can be managed by your office or directly from your home. So, you save the store at street level, electricity, real estate tax, insurance, water, rentals, etc.
Personal costs are low. By having a physical trade, you will have to pay the payroll of the dependents and cleaning services.
We minimize the cost of financing if you postpone the collections of your clients. Remember that in online commerce the charge is usually made before serving the order. So, the number of unpaid bills is lower, and financing cost too.
Storage cost. Physical stores should have more stock than online stores. Because they need to have the product in the store to show it. However, in the online store, it is not necessary to have products in the exhibition, showcase or linear.
If you have a physical trade and you are thinking of creating a cheap online store, I encourage you to start because both the online and traditional channels complement each other perfectly. It is also generating a more pleasant shopping online Bangladesh experience for your customers. Setting up a bd online shopping can now bring you great joy in the future.

Advantages of an online shop bd

The online shopping in Bangladeshis changing the way of doing business. Its advantages open more and more markets and boost business initiatives at levels that nobody could imagine a few years ago.

An online store reduces costs

The e-commerce does not require an infrastructure of the dimensions of a physical store, which allows a saving in investment and maintenance at the time of installing a virtual store.

The e-commerce increases sales

A great advance of the electronic commerce is that the operations do without the money in cash, all the transactions in the online stores. By very great that is, they are done via electronic from the devices that the users use. It reduces the risks of handling money physically, and you gain speed and efficiency. And, it is a system that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which considerably increases sales.

The online store prevents the displacement

Customers can buy from anywhere without having to travel to the store, mobile devices. That is now in the hands of millions allow you to make purchases at any time and from any location. It produces huge time-saving. It would be necessary to think about how much profit it is for the traffic of vehicles and people the e-commerce in our already congested countries in their transport routes.

Streamlining purchases using e-commerce

A virtual store allows, thanks to the configuration of your website, which the customer has at hand the entire catalog of the online shop bd. The inventory, the detail of the product you want to buy and an easy-to-use automated purchasing system.

You do not have to queue for shopping online Bangladesh

Another advantage of e-commerce is that online stores do not require the queues that we usually see in physical establishments, purchases can be made from the comfort of home. The workplace or even on the street, without going through the lost time in queues.

Why we categorize products?

The idea is simple: consider that the more options the consumer has, the more complicated the selection of one of them will be. The more disappointing will be the process and the result. It will affect their satisfaction with the product purchased.
According to an online expert, the first negative effect that a consumer suffers from a wide variety of products to choose from is paralysis. We do not need to investigate much his theory to understand. It is not good that the reaction of the consumer is to paralyze. Taking into account that what you want to provoke in it is the opposite: to provoke an action, in this case, to buy.
But paralysis is not the only thing that worries about a large number of available options. The consumer. In recent years, has adapted to have more options than they need. It can generally overcome this paralysis and move towards the action of buying.
This would be great if the process ended there. But the problem is that, once you buy a product, the consumer has his experience with it. And surely continue comparing it with the rest of the options he saw in his purchase process, and he did not choose.
Most likely, the product is not perfect. Its price was higher than the rest. The color was not exactly what you were looking. Any other reason, real or imaginary that the consumer can find.
When within the consumer’s experience with the product, the comparison continues to work on their choice. It is likely that the consumer goes through a process that leads to disappointment. Therefore to dissatisfaction, with a product that could have been perfect for him without this comparison.

Final thought,

In Prithy Shop you can easily choose your desired products by search. We are offering product warranty with replacement (selected products). You can claim about product quality and problems through our customer support. Enjoy shopping with our online shop bd and stay connected.