Privacy Policy

The data and information we collect from the buyer highly confidential and secure. It remains protected by us. We don’t share anyone personal data with others. This site is 100% and secured. Further, the website has own rules and regulation that are strictly followed. Purchasing the product via the site that means the buyer is agreed to our terms and condition. So, everyone must follow the condition.

We advise not share personal data to any third party and disclose any information regarding the financial matter. For selling and advertising project dealing via the site not personally. There are many scam and fraud party. Always be aware of them. For more to know contact to talk to us. The online shopping won’t be liable or responsible for any fraud activities. Moreover, any complaint against our registered seller or employee from the customer the employee can be asked for resignation.

Career Opportunity

One can build up his career on this e-marketing site. There are many opportunities for students, unemployed and career oriented people. It offers certain employment scope in official sector and freelancing in a certain area. It offers to become an employee in bd online shopping site. To become an employee, it has some recruitment. Let’s have a look at the requirements:
Fresh Graduate with good CGPA or on last semester of graduation minimum CGPA.
Students of business background will be on the priority list.
Students of Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Rajshahi University and any other reputed institute will get the preference.
Smart, handsome, good looking and hard working candidate.
Can speak Bangla and English both.
Having good knowledge in computer especially Powerpoint and MS Excel.
During internship training will be provided and after the training, the candidate will be given a permanent job. The salary will depend on performance but a good amount. For executive post, the interested person age requires between 30 to 40. The candidate has to be experienced.

However, for being a sale consultant, the candidate need not be any particular requirement. Just need self-interest and patience. Anyone can sell any item via this site. The item will be provided by the team, and the consultant has to sell them to the buyer. This way they will motivate another person to buy the product. Anyone can participate in sale consultancy sitting on home. The commission depends on the total product selling. It requires no investment at all.

An affiliate program is promoting item to buy for the customer. Commission are included on every product sale. There is scope to get up to 9% commission. Anyone have the social media account FB, Twitter and another platform can advertise the item for push selling. This time affiliate program is very popular among young generation. It provides to earn more than any other job. Just need net-connected PC or Laptop and lots of patience to work on this platform.

Another opportunity is advertised and selling the products through this site. You can sell your products connecting to this site. If anyone purchased the item, sell them to them and collect money. The item will be delivered to the customer via the website team. So, first of all, the candidate has to register as a seller. Then upload photos to advertise them. For more info contact us. Sell expert will assist in any area in details.

Review and Complain

Should our valuable customer faces or experience any unpleasant situation, we appreciate them to complain to our team about the specific matter. It can belong to any of product or services. For defective item, the customer can return it. But any service issue contacts us. We will handle the matter carefully. Your response is essential to refurbish our service.

On the other hand, don’t forget to write some words about any product after purchasing. Bottom the item page write about the product and service you had. That will inspire other to buy the product. Even you may ask anything product related to the review site. Our team will try to satisfy you as soon as possible.

Track Your Product

Once confirmed the item an SMS or mail will be sent to the customer contact number or email. There will be the product number that used to track the item. Anyone can know the current status of the delivery by entering the number. Click on the track your order and put the code number on that. It will show the condition of the product either packaging or shipping.

Usually, the team informs the customer after shipment of the item via SMS. Including the delivery date as well. Still, have confusion anyone can contact us. Our team will guide you with the necessary. But always remember the product code that essential for any inquiry.

In a Nutshell

Bd online shopping site is a growing e-commerce site in this period. Many buyers are visiting the site. Thousands of products are selling every day. Many in, interested candidate are joining the site to market and promote the selling. A positive response from all our respectful customer and seller has been made the way smooth to grow. However, it is our sincere request to all save your time and money by purchasing from this trusted site. Besides, join any of the sectors if you like to earn.