Myths about online shopping in Bangladesh

With our online Bazar in Bangladesh Prity shop, you no longer need to move from home to make certain purchases. You can easily purchase anything from home. For that, you must use your computer or smartphone. We are offering lower prices than those practiced in most stores. It is also possible to buy in the spare time, using your mobile phone or your tablet wherever you are.

Because Prity Shop is an online shop in BD that contains products accompanied by images, descriptions, and technical data, prices, and quantities available. The shipment is made directly by the online shop manager. The products arrive directly at home or wherever you want them to arrive within 2-7 days of purchase.

Types of online shopping in Bangladesh
Online shopping in Bangladesh can be particularly important for people who live in countries far from large shopping centers. It can buy goods of all kinds, produced at different times and places. It also makes them available quickly thanks to deliveries made by express couriers.

The advantages BD online shopping
One of the main advantages consumers choose to buy online is the ability to buy at any time of the day or night. Our bd online shopping store is always open, and this facilitates the consumer who can manage as best as

Possible the time spent shopping
Possibility to compare prices to choose the most convenient
When you buy online, you can in a few clicks visit different sites that sell the same product you want and choose the one that has the best price.

Time savings
Physically visiting a store can take a long time. It is often necessary to travel by car, with all the problems related to traffic and parking. Moreover, sometimes after all the effort done, the product sought is not present or does not convince. Thanks to the online purchase, you save time, because what you are looking for is just a mouse away.

Great variety of choice also of niche products
The network is full of virtual stores that can be ‘visited’ in a very simple way, giving the consumer the possibility to find out exactly what exactly they want. Even when it comes to products that are difficult to find or completely absent in your city, the network offers a way to find and buy them.

Avoid the crowd
Coping with the crowd is one of the negative aspects of buying at a physical store. The shopping centers are packed with people; at the cash, desks can meet long queues. All of this does not exist when it comes to buying online. The cash is always free; there is no crowd.

How our BD online shopping works?
An online shop run by direct communication with the customers and potentials and allows through push notifications to simultaneously reach hundreds of thousands of users, wherever they are. There are different types of the online shop, but the most common is B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). The first is the exchange of supplies, products, or services between one company and another.
The second one is that intended for the end customer and is done through the web. Having e-commerce that works today does not mean just selling its products/services on a different channel. It also means fighting for your brand to make a real climb on search engines. BD online shopping allows anyone to get involved without the direct production of any good or service. The web is full of agents and procurers who host, within their sites and blogs, products of others also with great success.

10 myths about online shopping in Bangladesh
One of the aspects that most surprise me when I tell friends and family that I’m dedicated to managing an online shop bd is that they have a preconceived image very different from the one that exists in this sector. For this reason today I want to dismantle the 10 myths about online shopping in Bangladesh that are very common to hear anyone who does not work professionally in this world.
Dismantling these urban legends about the world of online shop, I want to show how it is the day to day of any professional working in this branch of the online sector.

Myth 1. The online shop is easy to build
The reality is that before you start selling online, you must be very clear about some vital aspects such as logistics, transportation. Or how you are going to control the updating of the catalog you plan to offer. You also have to think if you have qualified personnel to take on these tasks and determine the importance. If you will give in the face of the interrelationships with the rest of the company’s departments.
Then you have to see what will be the most appropriate web design for your online visitors to be usable. You can browse from any device. The product is easily found, and the purchase process is simple.

Myth 2. Owners are millionaire
We are in the time of the startup; everyone thinks that whoever has a company that is dedicated to any topic related to the Internet has to be covered as the creators of Facebook or Google. This would be equivalent to saying that who has an establishment dedicated to food is a millionaire.
In the online world happens as, in real life, most are small or medium start up where their owners have an immense illusion. It compensates them to be able to reach the end of the month as they can. Surely in the central facilities of a multinational is full of luxury cars. But the normal thing is that the owners of e-commerce do not have such a luxurious life train. There are always some exceptions where they pay real barbarities for an online company.

Myth 3. An online shop costs nothing
We saw in your day how could be a budget for an online shop bd. As we discussed in the first topic only with the cost of a domain and a shared hosting you can have e-commerce by installing an open source platform such as Prestashop or Magento. But as we comment, to take the online business seriously. It will be essential to have the help of certain professionals in the field (programmers, designers, SEO-SEM specialists, community manager).
The only reality of this urban legend is that an online
establishment comes out cheaper than setting up a branch in any downtown street in a city.

Myth 4. You’re going to sell all over the world
This is a very typical quote that they tell you when you tell someone that you own online business. They think it’s cheap to send merchandise to any Asian country and above how you work with bulky products. I tell you that you do not get the bills with the transportation expenses.
Another very different thing is that you are Zara and have logistics warehouses located all over the world. It way you can easily sell abroad.

Myth 5. Operate the store from the beach
This is one of the myths about an online store that gives me angrier. It may be there are models of Drop shipping in Bangladesh that are so automated that they require little attention. In the end, it is a business.
Internet users use the contact forms to clarify information about the products; they make technical queries. You must control, you must have some control over the operation of the store. There are back-office tasks that must be performed with the certain frequency. The catalog must be fresh and updated, not to mention the tasks of merchandising or online marketing that must be carried out.
You can manage the online store from the beach. In addition to all this, also add if you have a blog that complements e-commerce, although you hire a community manager you will have to perform some task in social networks. You will have to analyze (even if basically) all the data obtained by your visitors’ Analytics, if you carry out campaigns of Adwords you will have to configure them well. So that, they are profitable.
All the above assumes that you do Drop shipping if above you have control of the merchandise. We are talking about the time necessary to pack, control the stock, and address the incidence of returns. Thus a large number of tasks that could be listed.

Myth 6. It is very easy to steal your data
Until recently, one of the main drawbacks to making purchases online was the distrust that there was over the means of payment. Many consumers were afraid to put their card data on a website for fear that some hacker would get that information and start to run out of their checking accounts.
Now the security of SSL certificates is more advanced, the browsers themselves such as Mozilla or Chrome warn you when you pay on an unsafe website. There are more payment methods. Such as bKash, rocket, banks. They take less time to return the money if you have suffered a Phishing attack. And above all the Internet user has more information to detect if a trade is a fake or not.

Myth 7. No advertising is necessary
Even if you only have a blog or a corporate website, you have already verified that if you do not promote your page even if it is commented to other bloggers, participating in forums, posting on Facebook or Twitter, you will have few visits. Also, if you want to sell online, you will need to make a good web positioning to get the top positions in the search engines. When looking for a product that you sell in your e-commerce. For this, you will have to invest a lot in good SEO and AdWords.
The positive part of all the money you spend on online advertising is that you can better measure and quantify the performance of a campaign. If you compare it with advertising investment in any traditional media such as television, press or radio.

Myth 8. Clients arrive by themselves
This myth is closely related to the previous one, many entrepreneurs of physical establishments think that having an online store will start to rain the orders. I will repeat the same thing: “if you are not a reference in your sector at the national level, nobody will search for you on the Internet.”

Myth 9. Clients are coming from the sky
First, you have to do good planning to determine an optimal design in e-commerce usability combined with a perfect SEO On page. Then get the open presence in the search for visitors to arrive. If your product and service, it is by the expectations of the consumer will begin to receive orders online.

Myth 10. They will only buy you if you are cheap
This is one of the myths about an online store that I love the most; everyone thinks that buying online is cheaper. But if you spend time comparing prices with some physical stores, it turns out that they sell it at the same price or even more expensive.
Let’s see, that e-commerce is not an NGO. You can always find some crazy to break the price to attract more customers thinking that with all the volume that will enter is going to be lined. But the reality is that such strategies. In the end, they end badly. The trade disappears without warning leaving customers hanging. It turns out that they put some imitation of product in the middle.
It is true that the price influences the purchase decision of the Internet. We saw in the evolution of online shopping in Bangladesh that there are other factors equally important as comfort or time savings. In every business, you have to detect the type of client. You have to focus on that specific niche with your products and services.

Myth 11. But if another online shop already sells this
The last illusion is that many give up on starting in the online business. Because any other online bazar in Bangladesh already sells its same product. Well, here it happens as in life when the boom of the shopping centers in the big cities came.Everyone thought that they would end up with the traditional stores. The reality is that I still see clothes, food, decoration, etc. The key is to differentiate between the great ones with good customer service, a simple location of your products or advising a true professional in the field.

Final thoughts
The Prityshop is one of the best platforms for online shopping in Bangladesh. We always try to make our customers happy by providing good quality. To make your daily life easier, consume your time, and save your money stay connected with us. Enjoy shopping.